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Our Specialized Services

Concrete Restoration

With the high level of sodium chlorides in the air, concrete restoration becomes necessary especially on buildings along Florida’s coast. Concrete is extremely porous and after years of exposure to the elements the steel rebar begins to rust which then expands causing cracks or “spalling” on the balconies and bearing walls. We can take care of all of your concrete restoration needs ensuring your building’s structural integrity.


We specialize in the painting and waterproofing of low, mid, and high rise structures.  If your building is along South Florida's coast line, it’s beneficial to ensure that your building has a good coat of paint.  Quality paint (from Benjamin Moore and/or Sherwin Williams) IS the waterproofing you need to keep the high levels of sodium chloride out to protect your concrete walls, columns, slabs, and elevated slabs from deteriorating.  A good rule of thumb is to paint your building every 7 to 10 years to keep those unfriendly elements out.  We are family and locally owned, so you’ll find our rates much more competitive than the larger national companies.

Impact Windows, Doors, & Railings

Impact windows & doors (IWD) go through vigorous testing to make sure that they stand up to Florida state requirements as per the Florida building code. IWD are versatile, durable as well as easy to operate. Furthermore, installing IWD can mean great energy savings for you as well as raise the value of your home/condo/building. It’s very important to hire a reliable company like SERPE-CO that will install your hurricane IWD with stainless steel fasteners along with a urethane hybrid sealant that will go around every fastener. This process prevents the screws from coming into contact with the concrete and rusting.